My Story

Misfortunes is a home for the misplaced, forgotten, at times defected characters in life. The unique creatures are not exactly human, nor nature, but a mix of the imaginary and the real.

My name is Noa Goffer, and i am the mother creator of the of the Misfortunes family, a combination of my two passions: storytelling and illustration.
Ever since i can remember myself I’ve been drawing and inventing strange little creatures.
I took my love for storytelling and graduated film studies at the university of Tel Aviv. After my studies I found myself longing to create with materials and hand craftsmanship, that summer i started sewing bags and T-shirts for my friends. Slowly but surely, more and more people were seeking my designs with the little characters, and that’s how my brand came to be. The Misfortunes.

You can have a look at my art at:

noa goffer misfortunes